My books

Available on Amazon Kindle:

Killer Queen (short Story)

When a parking warden finds an M5 with a note saying the car now belongs to him, he thinks his day can’t get any stranger – until an old lady jumps into the car and insists he drive her around the country.

At first, he is merely confused by what is happening around him. However, when people start dying around him, he begins to suspect not everything is as it seems.

Porsching (novel)

John’s family have never wanted for anything. He’s provided them with enough money to satisfy every desire. He believes that this is the only reason they stay with him.

When he accidentally wins the Lotto, his future seems bleak. His family will take the money and leave him – he would have nothing left to offer.

he spots a way out: he simply leaves. He buys a car he used to dream of and heads out on an adventure through New Zealand, leaving his problems behind.

But no amount of money can buy solutions, and his problems chase him as he drives through the country, reigniting dying love and illuminating forgotten desires.

Future titles:

Habits of a Ticketless Speedster

Sex, Drugs and Deliveries

Herbert Gordon – the unfinished version is available on Wattpad!


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